Biserujka Cave

Biserujka cave is situated near village Rudine, on the northern side of the island Krk. It is 110 m long, with temperature always between 10 and 13'C and 80% humidity. The cave was opened for visitors at the end of 19th century, after numerous adventurers failed with their attempts to find treasure allegedly hidden there by some pirate from Senj. Open in July and August from 10.00-19.00 June and September 10.00-17.00 April, May, October and November 10.00-15.00


Horseback trekking

The riding school is situated on the main road between Omisalj and Njivice. Horses are calm, which makes it safe even for children.


Soline - Healthy but Stinky

This is that famous mud that cures all aches and pains, yeah. You can find it in two channels at the left side of the beach. Just step into the channel and dig through muddy water for that black stinky stuff. You will feel much better, healthier and younger.


Boat trips

When you got tired of the beach, go to the city harbour and pick one of the many local boat cruises, usually organized by local agencies, using an older type of a boat like this one is. Its slow, yes, but very traditional, romantic, fun! It will take you along the coastline, visiting places along the way, perhaps some other islands nearby. These are usually a day trips and sometimes, their agents will even visit you on the beach, offering leaflets and other related information, in short, lobbing you to join the tour! :-) Its ok, they are legitimate, they speak several languages, you are not asked to pay in advance, just sign in and show up on the boat at designated time!


Scuba diving

The sea surrounding island Krk hides some wonderful underwater landscapes, which is probably the reason that there are so many diving schools on the island. Many are actually run by foreign companies, so language should not be a problem.
All diving schools also offer diving equipment for rent. Links and contacts - see website below


For tennis courts as well as sailing school contacts - contact same web address.



New sport for adrenaline junkies. Great fun, you can just enjoy gliding and doing simple curves, but some get tempted into performing acrobatic jumps! This picture was taken during Croatian and Slovenian Championship in September 2004, so this guy is a real pro - you should not loose your courage, nobody expects you to do that sort of stuff on your first ride. This ski-cable in Punat offers the whole service - you can rent the equipment and suit, and the instructor will help you if you've never tried this before. Just relax and enjoy the ride!

Links and contacts - see website below.




Baška - off season

try to be there at the beginning or at the end of the season. During the full season (late July, August) the beach is overcrowded and you will miss exceptional atmosphere this place offers.


Stara Baška

Another wonderful beach, out of many on this picturesque island. This time it's a beautiful cove in Stara Baška, reachable only by boat.


Muddy Pleasures - Soline

Beach at Soline bay is sandy and has areas with mud that is supposedly good for all sorts of aches and pains. But these little greenish creatures in the picture - they used ordinary mud, not the magical one! Anyway, they had a lot of fun.



The fresh fish, the shrimp and other crustaceans and shellfish are today a must in the local cuisine, as are many kinds of vegetable dishes. All this is prepared with Krk olive oil, of superb quality.

A festive day lunch is almost bound to include food using local pasta, called šurlice, makaroni and njoki, with various different kinds of sauce, and a particular value is placed on Krk lamb, the local sheep's cheese, and prosciutto.  
All these original dishes are to be found on the tables and menus of a hundred island restaurants and taverns, which also of course offer the standard international cuisine. The wining and dining is one of the strongest of aces in the hand of the Krk hospitality industry.

With all this, the island people are fond of taking a glass of locally produced wine. We can thoroughly recommend the vernacular dry white wine with its own appellation controlée - Vrbnička žlahtina.


Ice-cream shops

The ice-cream is of exceptional quality
"Slastičarnica" indicates ice-cream shop, the right place for refreshing and delicious temptation in a hot summer days. Don't think twice in front of such an shop-window, Regarding ice-cream offer on the island of Krk, it is of excellent quality.


Coffee shops / pubs

While sipping your cold drink, enjoy in people watching.