• After you cross the bridge to the island of Krk it is about 20 km to the town of Krk.
  • Once you get close to the town of Krk and actually approach it you just go straight until you reach a crossroads with a left turn (it goes left and downwords).

  • You take this left turn and very soon (after about 100-150m) you take another left turn - that road is very steep and it goes uphill. You just follow that street until you come to number 36, where you can park the car.
  • The house is on the right hand side of the street and it is the only one with a gray facade. There are stairs that leed from the street down to the house.

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Address: Mate Balote 36,
51500 Krk,

Telephone: +385 (0)91 783 8913
+385 (0)98 180 3687